Beer & Wine Menu

Beverage List

Fresh Brewed Coffee, De café, Iced Tea, Hot tea, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer,
Lemonade. 2.95 add blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, or cherry Torani syrup .50

Italian Sodas Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Orange, Vanilla 2.50

With Cream 3.50

Selection of Wines

Red Wine

Corvina Full bodied with silky tannins. This deep ruby red wine is full bodied, refined, and elegant. Round on the palate and well structured. Our chefs go to favorite, yum!. Glass 7.00 Bottle 26.00
Melini Chianti This winery dates back to 1705 and is one of the regions oldest and historic vineyards.  Glass 7.50 Bottle 28.00
Tobin James Chateau Le Cacheflo This Mediterranean style blend is full with dark fruits and a hint of spice. A perfect spaghetti wine! Glass 7.25 Bottle 26.00
Lava Cap Barbera This yummy Barbera arrives with rich aromas of ripe cherry and blackberries alongside of toasted vanilla. Warm caramel accent the well-integrated long oak flavors. Glass 7.50 Bottle 28.00
William Hill Cabernet This central coast California Cabernet is dark with intense flavor and dramatic fruit presence. Deliciously complex with a layered finish. Glass 7.50 Bottle 28.00
Hahn Merlot Premium California harvests have produced this soft and supple wine with smooth plum and berry flavors. Glass 6.50 Bottle 24.00
Mac Murry Ranch Pinot Noir Beautifully earthy, boasting notes of red currant, and raspberry.               Glass 7.50 Bottle 28.00

White Wine

Sassi Pinot Grigio Soft and delicate and just a little bit sassy with scents of apple and pear. A perfect
accompaniment to one of our salads. Glass 6.50 Bottle 24.00                                                                                 Louis Guntrum Royal Blue Reisling Bright and crisp with flavors of green apple, pear and citrus.     Glass 6.50 Bottle 24.00                                                                                                                                                 Lava Cap Chardonnay Barrel fermented in French oak. This creamy wine has a complex nose of toasty oak, apple and vanilla, Glass 7.50 Bottle 28.00                                                                                                               Red Tree Moscato  This Moscato is soft and slightly spritzy with nectarine and rose petal flavors and crisp acidity. The sweet and elegant wine can be enjoyed with a light and fruity salad or as an after dinner refreshment with a variety of desserts. Glass 6.00 Bottle 20.00


Coors Light 2.75, Grand Teton Amber Ale 3.50, Peroni 3.50, Blue Moon 3.25